What We Do

Our philosophy is simple. If you drive a a vehicle, value your time, and money, we can help you. We take the learning curve and hassle out of acquiring what you really WANT to drive. Not only are we one of the nation’s top wholesalers for pre-owned luxury and exotic vehicles, we are also authorized agents for many of the nation’s largest automotive lenders and leasing companies holding fleet account status with every major automotive manufacturer on the market today! Our proprietary computer software searches dealer and production inventories for your specific vehicle while matching it with the best possible lease or finance program for your credit profile and location. If the new vehicle you desire is simply out of reach, we have the ability to search our database of over 500,000 pre-owned wholesale vehicles or utilize the inventories of our growing wholesale network of over 5,000 dealer partners across the country. If it’s out there, we’ll find it!

Some of our clients’ live in small towns with only one dealer of their chosen make within a days drive. For these clients, service relationships remain important to them as they should; yet, they appreciate our nationwide perspective when they’re trading their current vehicle and attempting to locate their next. A local small town dealer simply cannot offer our broad resources upon which we’ve built our business. For this reason we’ve implemented our consulting programs wherein we’re paid a simple consulting fee to optimize their deal for them at the local dealership of choice.  They get the best of both worlds.